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CSS Grid Explained

CSS Grid is revolutionizing the frontend web-design industry.

For the last 20 years, web designers have used CSS to lay out web pages. However, CSS has always been missing some key functionality. Designers had to rely on workarounds, such as tables, floats, and positioning. CSS Grid is different and better.

CSS Grid allows you to create a grid-based layout system, using columns and rows. You don't have to use any workarounds. You don't have to use different hacks for different browsers. You don't have to install any extra frameworks.

CSS Grid has been around since 2011, but has recently exploded in popularity. Almost all major browsers support CSS Grid. The only exceptions are Internet Explorer 11 and Opera Mini.

In this short book, you are going to master the key ideas behind CSS Grid.

In the first chapter, we start with the basic terminology. You'll learn the difference between Grid Areas and Grid Cells, between Grid Tracks and Grid Gaps.

Then, using a hands-on approach, you'll start building CSS Grids. You'll build everything from the most basic CSS Grid to a full site layout.

CSS Grid Explained Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to CSS Grid Terminology
  2. Creating Your First CSS Grid
  3. Using the Firefox Grid Inspector
  4. How to Create Explicit and Implicit Grids
  5. How to Use the Autoflow Property in CSS Grid
  6. How to Use the FR Unit For Layouts
  7. How to Size Tracks with the Auto Keyword
  8. How to Size Grid Items with the Span Keyword
  9. How to Use Line Numbers in CSS Grid
  10. How to Layer Items In CSS Grid
  11. How to Use Line Names in CSS Grid
  12. How to Place Items with Grid Template Areas
  13. How to Use the minmax() Function
  14. How to Use the auto-fill and auto-fit Keywords
  15. The grid-auto-flow: dense Property
  16. How to Align Items in CSS Grid
  17. The justify-content and align-content Properties
  18. How to Nest Grids
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