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Procreate Brush Calligraphy



if you like making calligraphy in the procreate app, this brush is perfect for learning to make the letters you want. I made 20 brushes with details of 15 brush calligraphy and 5 brush signatures.

in the calligraphy brush I made the brush a little thicker to make it easier for you to create beautiful script letters. for brush signatures I make it thinner and add brush speed to make it easier in the process of creating signature letters.

I make all brushes in slide number 2 with the letter "a" with the size of each brush 20 as an example of what you will get when buying my product. I also made examples of words / quotes on each slide to make you see and recommend any style that is suitable for each brush that I made.

You can also make fonts with this brush, create custom fonts and type logos, and some brushes can be used as textures if you like to draw with a vintage style.

how to install ?

after downloading, extract the file using the "zip extractor" that you can download on the APP store.

after extracting it, open the ipad folder and find the file that you extracted with the procreate logo and with 1 finger touch the direct brush file enters automatically into the procreate.

or in the same way as number 2, you can import files individually because I make 2 files with different formats. 1 file with the format .brushset or logo procreate to add the entire file automatically and 1 .brush file to add individual brushes.

BONUS LETTERING STAMP to make it easier for you to make lettering. Don't hesitate to give me a message if you have a problem or question.

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  • Created: 2019-10-12
  • Changed: 2020-12-08
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