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Supreme Acrylic & Gouache Photoshop Brushes

Supreme Digital Ultrarealistic Acrylic & Gouache Brushes

27 photoshop brushes that imitates traditional acrylic and gouache tools! (dry, wet, thick, dense, quick stroke brushes ) Only quality, useful brushes here! Trey are perfect for illustrators, concept artists, graphic designers and for people who just want to rest at evening and draw little sketch without preparing all that traditional stuff, brushes, water, paper.

  • This brushes are touch sensitive so you need a graphic tablet to use them!
  • Tested and works at Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC
  • Brushes looks like real and with some skills they can look like oils and pastelchalk too, just keep experimenting!
  • To install brushes drop them into photoshop folder ( ...Adobe Photoshop - Presets - Brushes )
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  • Author: M-e-f
  • Created: 2019-10-26
  • Changed: 2020-12-08
  • Size: 6.220 KB
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  • Price: 6 $ »» Free with active subscription