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Le Decorateur


A few weeks ago, I bought a really helpful book containing a visual history of graphic styles. I really love it. And really love styles and ornaments of frames and borders used in print of the 1890s - 1940s period.

I always wanted to make a collection of pattern brushes but I hadn’t had patience.

Good pattern brush needs time. Have you ever imagine how difficult is making of pixel perfect hand-drawn patterns? :)

All these tiny details. You need to test it hundreds of times. Every little gap causes imperfection. Well, I finally did it! And actually, I had a fun of making it, because I know that you will appreciate quality!

So that is my offer:

  • 23 high-quality pattern brushes for Adobe Illustrator
  • 23 solid version of these brushes /check promo images how it works together/
  • CC version contains inner corners too /You probably don’t use it - so non-CC owners could be calm :) /
  • 7 seamless texture patterns in black and as well as in white version to get nice paper texture look
  • 7 free .EPS textures

Why you should get it:

  • You can get beautiful hand-drawn frames easily
  • You can make effective posters or other artwork only with using these brushes and typography
  • You can draw with brushes as usual
  • You can make amazing graphic elements

Le Decorateur contains really powerful tools, so don’t hesitate!

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  • Author: guerillacraft
  • Created: 2019-10-30
  • Changed: 2020-12-08
  • Size: 23.060 KB
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  • Downloads: 1
  • Price: 16 $ »» Free with active subscription