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The Graffiti Box: Procreate Brushes


The Graffiti Box: Procreate Brushes

In this set you will get 18 AUTHENTIC brushes for creative projects. You will love to use this brushes in Procreate on any kind of projects, from illustrations for kids, grunge style illustrations, comic and graffiti style projects. You can make simple written words to elaborate ''wall'' digital paintings.

To use the brushes simply choose a brush, select the paint tool and draw. The color and width of the strokes can be adjusted easily.

If you love the brushes or creation what you've made with them, don't hesitate to share !


These brushes are ONLY for Procreate and for use with Apple Pencil or compatible stylus. These brushes DO NOT WORK IN PHOTOSHOP or ILLUSTRATOR.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: .ZIP FILE The_GraffitiBox-_Brushes.brushset

Marker 1.brush (FAT CAP) Marker 2.brush Marker 3.brush (FAT CAP) Marker 4.brush Graffiti 1.brush Graffiti 2.brush Graffiti 3.brush Graffiti 4.brush Graffiti 5.brush (FAT CAP) Graffiti 6.brush (FAT CAP) Graffiti 7.brush (FAT CAP) Graffiti 8.brush Graffiti 9.brush (FAT CAP) Graffiti 10.brush (FAT CAP) Graffiti 11.brush Graffiti 12.brush (FAT CAP) Graffiti 13.brush

**HOW TO INSTALL: **Download the .zip file. Go to the .zip file, preview the content, you will see brushes file, click on it and it will be imported to Procreate at your iPad.

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  • Created: 2019-11-13
  • Changed: 2020-12-08
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