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Category: Layer Styles

Fineliner Type Decorator's Tool Kit

Transform tired text into beautiful, hand-drawn typography!

This decorative hand-drawn tool kit allows the user to transform typography into stippled, fineliner hand-lettering. I developed the text effects and brushes together to ensure that they work in harmony and therefore achieve amazing results for you every time.

Fabric Kingdom Photoshop Edition

The Fabric Kingdom is my new product founded on my passion to layer styles and techniques they can bring to your design process. I'm happy to ship you a complete toolbox packed with all you need to create adorable, eye-catching designs that will stand out, as easy as possible.

Fabric Kingdom Illustrator Edition

Adobe Illustrator is my favourite design app of all, so who would doubt that I will bring an Illustrator edition of my Fabric Kingdom someday! If you don't know, Fabric Kingdom is my huge graphic pack founded on my passion to layer styles and techniques they can enrich to your design process with.

Brushwork: Artistic Procreate & Photoshop brushes

Photoshop brushes are such an essential and versatile design tool which can add a genuine hand-mastered artistic feel with a single touch, and you literally can't get enough of them. And when it comes to Procreate app for the iPad, brushes are absolutely irreplaceable!

Poster Press - Screen-Print Creator

Whilst recently browsing for screen-prints to decorate the Artifex Forge office it occurred to me that there was no way to quickly, and easily, create subtle grungy screen-print textures and frame edges in Illustrator.

Vintage Text Effects

You can present your text in a retro vintage style with this pack. 9 cool vintage text styles with retro grunge backgroungs.

  • 9 Different Styles
  • 9 Psd File
  • Smart Objects Replacement
  • Very Easy to Edit
  • Well Organized Layers
  • 100% Editable
  • Support
Vibrant 3D Text Effects (sko4)

Create a great poster or flyer, a facebook cover, youtube cover, website banner, cinematic title, movie title, etc. Awesome trendy colors, vivid gradients, isometric compositions.

Free Font Download Links included in the Help File.

Retro Text Effects
  • 10 styles
  • Layered PSD
  • 2660×1600
  • 100% editable
  • You just need to replace your text or logo into the smart object of your favourite style included.
Retro Colorful Text Effects - 10 PSD

A great opportunity to present your text in a retro vintage style.

  • 10 styles
  • Layered PSD
  • 2660×1600
  • 300dpi
  • 100% editable
Mobile Game Text Effects vol.1

Beautiful modern geometric background in each file! Create a great poster or flyer, a facebook cover, youtube cover, website banner, cinematic title, movie title, etc. Free Font Download Links included in the Help File.

Memphis Style - Text Effects

If you love unashamedly brash and bold colors and patterns, you’ll be very happy to hear that the Memphis Style, the design style pioneered by the 1980s Memphis Group, is very much back in vogue.

Game Titles Text Effects Vol.3

This is a set of 10 completely different logos that are suitable for games of various genres. Ice kings, jelly era, cake mania, sugar splash, magic shop, happy forest, poket monsters, arena battle, crush, space adventures, underwater games, three in a row, collision.

Double Light Text Effects

There are 3 sizes for each shadow. So you get 9 shadow combinations in each file! Pink and yellow, pink and red, blue and red, purple and orange, green and blue, purple and blue, yellow and purple, green and purple shadow colors are avaliable.

80s Retro - Photoshop Layer Styles

80s Retro Styles for Adobe Photoshop

Just one click to aply styles to your texts, shapes, logos!

80's Retro Sign Creator

Super easy editable template. All cool 80’s style elements in one PSD file.

You just need to place your text into smart objects. Then enable/disable groups in “Layers” panel and choose colors, graphic elements, textures, backgrounds.

It really saves your time! Combine your own composition with this kit.

3D Maker - Text Effects

Easy way to present your text in 3D!

  • Easy to use mockups
  • Changable colors
  • 3 extrusion sizes
  • ...
3D Generator

Choose shadow direction! Easy! Create 3d text, logo, shape or any layer in seconds! Save time with this mockups.

Shine On - Retro Advertisement Kit

Shine On - Retro Advertisement Kit is inspired by famous matchcovers from 1940s and 1950s. Recently, matchbooks have begun to regain some of their popularity as a retro advertising item, particularly in high-end restaurants, etc. You can also use this type of graphics for decor your home or office.

Retro Text Effects V01

10x Retro Text Effects V01

Go back in time and give your tekst or logo that Vintage Retro look in seconds! Get this great pack of Retro 3D Effects now and make your Text Retro with a Smart Object in Photoshop


Unio introduces “Reflecta

A collection of 7 geometric reflecting shapes plus fade effects.

Give your design a unique look with these reflecting masks.

Simple to use: insert your photo and choose the shape. All masks are vector and fully scalable!!

Old Movie Titles Collection

Think of your favorite black & white movie and find it in our Old Movie Titles Collection — passionate retro lovers, we couldn’t skip the entire universe of vintage text effects. Psycho of Alfred Hitchcock, Never Fear of Ida Lupino and other icons are have inspired us to create this professional add-ons collection and imbue it with the suspense of a genuine retro drama.

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