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Photo Slideshow

Hey guys, here is a stylish and vintage opener project. It is a cool way to show your photos or videos, portfolio, also it works as a title sequence.

Silver and Gold Styles

Silver and Gold is a set of 24 Photoshop styles that lets you easily add beautiful gold/silver/rose-gold effects. The effects look realistic because they were created from real photographs.

Retrohat™ Graphic Styles

Retrohat™ is a set of 26 Graphic Style for Adobe Illustrator that allow you to Instantly create Retro Text Effects to your vector artwork within a matter of seconds.

Liquid Tasty Text Effects

Look at these tasty text effects! Berry, jelly, jam, honey, juice, water. Use ‘Liquid Tasty Text Effects’ to make liquid effect. Works with text, shape, logos, etc

Halftone Photoshop Actions

Adding Halftone visual effect to your photo with a few click using our photoshop Actions.

3D That!

You want to create 3d images but don’t have the skills to use any 3d modeling program/software? But you do have to skills to install a Photoshop Action and click the play button? Well, then you are the perfect candidate to use this amazing easy to use Photoshop three-dimensional (3D) action!

7 Moody Lightroom Preset For Cafe Photography
My Lightroom Presets are specifically designed to create easily unique tones and styles you desire. With the click of a button, you can have a stylized image that evokes an emotional response from viewers and attracts potential clients! Transform your photos into artwork!
I ♥ Wood — Smart Object Styles for Photoshop

Professionally looking and incredibly easy-to-use PSD file that will make your texts and artworks look like they are made of wood. All you have to do is to put your text, shapes or logo inside of special Smart Object and that's it.

Postcard Shop for Adobe Photoshop

Postcard Shop is an unique kit for Adobe Photoshop. In Postcard Shop you can make posters and postcards with painted look in seconds!

Geometric Shapes Photo Templates v2

Turn any images into geometric shapes with a few click! great for photography, instagram post & any other creative process possibilities.

I ♥ Modeling Clay — Photoshop Smart Object Styles

Super easy-to-use PSD file that will make your texts and artworks look like they are made of colourful modelling clay(plasticine).

Old Painting FX Photoshop Actions

Add Old Retro Water color Painting FX to your photo with a few clicks using Photoshop Actions.

The Photoshop Pyrography Pack

Emulate the look of burnt wood or paper without the risk of setting your house on fire, with the Photoshop Pyrography Pack!

Nostalgia - Old Watercolor Overlays

Give to your photos old watercolor framed look in seconds with one click. Just insert your photo and combine build in layers to create own unique effect.

Knitted Text Effects. Graphic Styles

Knitted Text Effects is a set of 20 Graphic Styles for Adobe Illustrator that enables you to apply Knitted text effects to your designs with just one click. But the magic doesn't stop there.

Retro Text Effects vol.3


  • 10 PSD files
  • All works with editable SMART OBJECTS
  • Well layered and editable
  • 2000px x 1500px /300DPI/
  • Help file and font links included in download file
Neon Sign Photoshop Effect

Feel the sounds of a big city around with its crowded streets and back-street bars where jazz meets soul and modern people discover retro environment — and bring it to your designs at last! We’re happy to introduce this world to you via our Neon Underground Photoshop Effect, perfect for signs, logos & branding or just to bring ultimate energy to your typography.

Hometown Effects Pack

Our hearts always keep the memories about home like the most precious treasure – old photos make you smile, well-known scent of fresh bread makes your day brighter, and the voice of mom gives you unlimited power.

Smoky Double Exposure

Create Amazing Colored Smoky Layouts in Photoshop

Video tutorial:

WaterCool Kit. Watercolor Styles

Quickly and easily create elegant watercolor effects without the hassle of sourcing materials and becoming a Photoshop wizard!

Geometric Shapes Photo Templates v1

Turn any images into geometric shapes with a few click! great for photography, instagram post & any other creative process possibilities.

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