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Gatsby Explained

Gatsby is an amazingly powerful system, but many newcomers can find it overwhelming. We wrote this book to make Gatsby as simple and straight-forward as possible. 

  • Clear instruction: Learn Gatsby by following enjoyable step-by-step instructions.
  • Hands-on learning: Master Gatsby by building a complete Gatsby site.

How to Get a Copy of Gatsby Explained

OSTraining members can download a copy of the book in PDF, ePub and MOBI formats.

Gatsby Explained will soon be available on Amazon in hardcopy.

Gatsby Explained Book Description

We can most simply describe Gatsby as a static site generator. Gatsby can pull in data from a variety of sources, apply this data to templates, and produce HTML, CSS and JavaScript files that function as websites and applications. We call Gatsby sites “static” because all of the pages exist as HTML files on the server. With “non-static” sites, when you visit a page, the server must query the data, apply it to a template and generate the HTML on the fly while you wait. You may be familiar with caching systems for “non-static” sites. These create static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript versions of the pages on your site so a user does not have to wait for the page to be generated while they wait. Gatsby takes this a step further and creates an actual HTML file for every possible page on your site ahead of time, before the user ever visits your page.

Please note: This book is 100% aimed at Gatsby beginners.

What You’ll Learn in Gatsby Explained

You'll master Gatsby hands-on, through a complete case study, crystal-clear visuals, simple explanations, and on-target analogies, all extensively tested with real Gatsby beginners.

Gordon walks you through installing Gatsby, creating code that is easy to use, adding/handling images, and using plugins and packages to extend Gatsby's functionality options. Finally, Gordon shows you how to deploy your site efficiently!

Gatsby Explained Table of Contents

  • Welcome
  • Gatsby Explained
  • Getting Started with Gatsby
  • Creating Pages in Gatsby
  • Creating Posts in Gatsby
  • Images in Gatsby
  • Extending Gatsby with Plugins and Packages
  • Deploying a Gatsby Site
  • Taking Gatsby Further
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  • Created: 2022-03-12
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