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Category: Tumblr

Metro - Responsive Grid Theme

A responsive grid Tumblr theme built with over 60 customize options. Metro is responsive, so check out the preview on your phone or tablet!

Medium - A Responsive Grid Theme

A minimal yet functional tumblr theme, built with over 60+ customize options. Medium is responsive so check it out on your phone or tablet!

James - Modern Grid Theme

James is a clean, modern, and extremely customizable tumblr theme with a large cover photo. All colors and sections shown in the live preview can be customized, enables a much more personal look for your blog.

Inferno - Responsive Header Theme

A modern grid tumblr theme with a large cover. It’s slide-out sidebar hides all the extra clutter and allows a complete focus on the content. You can highlight a specific post by tagging it with “large”.

Hype - Minimal Grid Tumblr Theme

Hype. Build based on Boostrap framework, hype is another blogging themes with clean and minimalism blogging concept. Perfect for building a beautiful creative portfolio / agency website within minutes.

Hogwood - Responsive Content Focus Theme

Hogwood is a clean and responsive one column tumblr theme built with extreme customizability. Content size can be adjusted from 500 to 900 pixels wide, sidebar position can be adjusted as well. Please check out the feature list below.

Harem - Responsive Header Theme

A responsive tumblr theme built for photo bloggers or artists who uses tumblr as their portfolio. With over 50 customize options it offers a wide array of layouts. Harem is responsive so check out the preview on your phone or tablet!

Gridify - Fullsceen Grid Theme

Gridify is a fullscreen grid Tumblr theme with more than 60 customize options, it including over 20 font options, custom cover upload, optional infinite scrolling, and much more.

Gradient Tumblr Theme

Themelantic is proud to present Gradient — a vibrant, colourful portfolio Tumblr theme that makes a statement.

Gradient is totally customisable, and totally feature packed. Make a beautiful, colourful Tumblr blog with just a few clicks, and enjoy all our usual premium features.

Elite - Modern Grid Theme

Elite is a clean and minimalistic grid theme, built with over 50 customize options, it can be used by photo bloggers and is also great to be used as a portfolio. All colors shown in the live preview can be customized to give your site a much more personal look.

Chapter - Minimal Sidebar Theme

Chapter is a clean, modern, and extremely customizable Tumblr theme. All colors shown in the live preview can be customized to give your site a much more personal design.

Bougenville - Beauty Tumblr Theme

Bougenville is Beautiful & Casual blogging theme that is perfect for woman or fashion bloggers. Packed with over 80 customize options, it is easy to give your blog a personal look.

Barron - Content Focus Tumblr Theme

Barron is a content focused Tumblr theme that is responsive and built with a parallax cover. Barron includes a wide array of of customizable features, including optional sticked topbar, overall color adjustment and font options.

Applause - A Content Focus Theme

Applause is a clean and minimal tumblr theme with a slideshow cover. All colors shown in the preview can be customized. Applause is built responsively, so check out the live preview on your phone or tablet!

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