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Millennium Environment

This new environment has four moveable background layers that let you simulate distance, time, and atmospherics like no other scenery around! Add trees and plants and move them into position as you like. Dial morphs in the ground plane for a lazy river, or exotic island when combined with the included water plane. Translate a layer to animate clouds across your background, or have rain cascade through your scenery. Add in the corresponding back set of walls and bring your figures to life in a full 360 degree environment. Top it off with a simple skydome and you've got a perfectly self-contained virtual world where the only limit is your imagination.


What's Included

  • Complete 180 degree Environment
  • Additional Backwall figures for full 360 set
  • Layered Background Panels
    • 4-layers to allow multiple stacking of textures and transparencies
    • Translateable layers to allow easy animating of background components
  • Props:
    • 7 different plants
    • 3 different trees
    • Morphing Groundplane
    • Morphing Waterplane
    • Skydome
  • Textures
    • Full set of default textures included
    • Scenery Textures: 3800x1600
    • Groundplane & Waterplane Textures: 2200x1650
    • Plant & Tree Textures: 750x1000
    • Skydome Texture: 3800x1600
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  • Author: Daz3d
  • Created: 2020-08-12
  • Changed: 2020-07-30
  • Size: 19.520 KB
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  • Price: 16.95 $ »» Free with active subscription