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One Page Supercheckout - Prestashop Addons

PrestaShop One Page Checkout focuses on simplifying the checkout experience of your customers by optimizing your checkout page. A merchant can remove unnecessary fields from his checkout page and display the whole checkout content on a single page.

There are some additional functionalities in the updated version of Prestashop One Page Checkout:

1) Select Total Price Display Method on the Checkout Page:
With the PrestaShop One Page Checkout addon, now the e-merchant can choose 4 options to display the total price of the products. He can select to show the default PrestaShop price, price inclusive tax, price exclusive tax, or both inclusive and exclusive price.

2) Option to Display the Custom Field in the Invoice: With the new update in the Knowband’s PrestaShop One Page Checkout addon, the store owner can enable the option to display the added custom field in the invoice of the order placed.

3) Compatibility with Zasielkovna and gmparcellocker modules: The PrestaShop One Page SuperCheckout addon is now compatible with the Zasielkovna and gmparcellocker modules (PS 1.7)

4) Fixed Compatibility with Mollie Payment Method: The module is now completely compatible with the Mollie payment method..


  • Google and Facebook Login: Prestashop Quick checkout addon allow your customers to sign-up or log in using their social account in Google+ and Facebook.
  • Inline Validation with error messages: Our one page checkout Prestashop module also has the inline validation which shows proper error message along with tick and cross sign so that customers can quickly identify their mistakes while filling the form.
  • Automatic Country Detect: By enabling this feature, the user country is automatically detected and filled in the “Countryfield” provided at one-page checkout. Auto Select Country functionality works based on the customer IP.
  • Google Address Autofill: This auto-fill feature can be enabled automatically fill the address fields at the supercheckout page. The auto-fillup functionality uses Google Places Integration services for which Google API Key has to be configured from the backend.
  • Ajax Based update: Our Prestashop one step checkout addon uses Ajax based Shopping cart updates so no more irritating page reloads would hamper your customers’ shopping experiences. This Responsive one page checkout Prestashop addon offers the customers to update the product quantity, or remove a product from the cart without going through a necessary page reload.
  • Free Products: Our Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon is compatible with free products. This Responsive one page checkout Prestashop addon has the feature which doesn’t show payment methods if there are free products in the cart.
  • Virtual/Digital Products: This Prestashop responsive one step checkout addon is compatible with virtual/digital products. In a case of only virtual products in the cart, this Prestashop fast checkout addon doesn’t show shipping methods and can also hide delivery address form automatically to show only invoice address form. You can also configure it to ask customers only Email Id, First Name, and Last Name.
  • Customizable products: This Prestashop One Page Checkout Extension by Knowband is also compatible with customizable products and shows complete cart information with all customization details along with an option to change added product quantity or to remove it completely from the cart.
  • Automatic Customer Registration: Our Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon has an option to register guest customers automatically. If enabled, this Responsive one page checkout Prestashop addon generates a random password for the guest customers and sends it to the customers on their provided email address.
  • Multi-lingual Support: Our Prestashop Quick checkout addon is compatible with multi-lingual support feature.
  • Show shipping methods for saved address: One page checkout allows you to display the shipping methods only after the customer saves the address.
  • Default shipping and payment method: This quick checkout addon Prestashop has the ability to set which shipping and payment method should be selected by default for customers.
  • Reduce abandoned cart: Study shows that more than 60% abandoned cart is because of the complex or slow checkout page, since our Prestashop fast checkout addon makes checkout process easy and fast, hence reduces abandoned cart rate.
  • Increase Sales: Our Prestashop fast checkout addon helps admin to increase conversion rate on their Prestashop store.
  • Multiple Layouts: Choose how many columns you want to show to your customers and also define the column size. Define which section appears where. Choose from 1 Column, 2 Column and 3 Column layout options.
  • SEO and SSL: Our Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon is compatible with SEO url structure and can also be used if SSL is enabled on the website.
  • Newsletter and voucher field: One Step Checkout Prestashop addon has the option to show newsletter and voucher field on the checkout page.
  • Complete Cart summary: Prestashop One Step Checkout addon shows full cart summary, show product image directly or when the customer “move cursor over product name”.
  • Show/Hide total tax field: Admin can show/hide the total tax field in the cart summary at one checkout page.
  • Mobile Responsive: Quick checkout addon Prestashop is fully responsive and compatible with all devices and browsers.
  • Custom Fields: We have added a new in this Prestashop one page checkout addon called as “Custom Fields”. This tab of the one step checkout Prestashop module adds up the functionality in our module to Add, Edit, or Delete custom fields on our Prestashop fast checkout addon’s checkout page right from the back-end.
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