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Woodland Realm Playset One

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Order: #7012210 – 7 Apr, 2011
The Woodland Ream Playsets are hybrid 3D and 2D interactive environments massive and complex in detail and variety. Ideal for animations and multiple scene angles, the Woodland Realm Playsets are pre-built, efficient, and realistic rivals to their real world counterparts.

What's Included

In Playset One, one side is wooded opening into a grassy clearing. All is surrounded by a dense wood of summer fauna. Expand the Woodland Realm Playsets into even more environments with additional texture packs.

  • A Hi-res Environment Prop Figure Playset
  • All Hi Res Textures and Transmaps Included
  • Complax Global Lightset Included

Daz Connect files require Daz Studio 4.9 or later

This product is available through Daz Connect, and can be downloaded right from in Daz Studio 4.9 or higher. Read how HERE.

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  • Created: 2020-07-31
  • Changed: 2020-07-30
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