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Category: Layer Styles

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Crushed Font

This alphabet comes as 60 individual PNGs with transparent backgrounds so they can be set over any color. 52 letters + 8 extra symbols will give you full option to create an amazing and original product! You can use PNG letters which are in red color or modify it and create your own color composition.

Ultimate Metal Graphic Styles for Illustrator

If you use Adobe Illustrator, than you should know that how hard it is to make the perfect metal effect. Sometimes you won't get the right colors, other times the edges won't look realistic enough or the text will look floating for the lack of perfect shadow.

7 Pro Food Lightroom Presets

Contains 7 Pro Lightroom presets Crispy Rich Salty Savory Smooth Spicy Sweet

Retro Planet Text Effects

Make your texts / titles / logos professional and attractive look. Just put your file in smart object and it's done. PDF help file included.


This collection of 21 geometric and abstract hand-painted shapes is designed to provide a quick solution for creating clipping artwork with your photos.

3D Metal & Gold Effects

Realistic 3D Gold and Metal effects. Easy to make stunning 3D Gold and Metal text with this 3D Mockup. Easy to change the colors of the Metals. Get this great pack of Gold and Metal Effects now and make your 3D Text easy with a Smart Object in Photoshop

Cinematic 3D Movie Mockups V3

Make awesome cinematic text in seconds! Get this movie 3D text Mockup now!

Doodles Text Effect

The text styles is the perfect collection for create doodle style lettering, logos, banners, signboards, rough style text, titles, illustrations, decoration, poster, flyer, typography or website banner etc.

Western Typography Saloon

Working with Adobe Illustrator Spending many hours watching western movies, looking for 19th century Wild West memorabilia and making really straight history research of that era, I am finally releasing this handy toolbox for Adobe Illustrator.

Action Painting Textures

It's a great tool for making artistic backgrounds for your graphics - business cards, invitation cards or lettering with nice artistic touch! You can use it for phone case graphics too!

Art Deco Styles + More

Layer styles allow you to quickly change the look of text and objects with just one click! Because these are in vector format they can be enlarged almost infinitely without loss of resolution.

Sport Logo Styles

Transform your headlines instantly using these styles. they're perfect for any sport themed event poster, invite or anything else!

Chalk and Charcoal Photoshop Styles Volume 1

Craft a realistic, handmade chalk or charcoal look in seconds with these 15 chalk and 15 charcoal effects in a variety of formats.

Watercolor Magic Volume 1

This bundle includes 15 realistic watercolor Photoshop styles, 25 handmade Photoshop brushes, 15 seamless Photoshop patterns, 31 hand drawn vectors, and the ability to combine them all with minimal effort.

Glitch effect with GIF animation 2

I was thinking a lot about all Photoshop actions and GIF exports. General conclusion is that you need to know Photoshop to use it in the right way.

Game Styles for Illustrator

Give an astonishing effect to your design with this set of Illustrator graphic styles. This set includes 10 different Illustrator graphic styles.These styles are suitable for game title, logos, flyers, banners, illustrations etc.

Foil Balloon Text Effects

Any great holiday can’t do without a festive cloud of balloons — the necessary symbol of celebration and joy! They can be of any shape, size, color, theme or material to fit each imaginable purpose.

Retro Style Text Effects Vol.1(EvathemeMarket)

Very easy to use. Replace the text in seconds via smart object layers. Open the file, open the smart object layer, change the text, save and you are done! It takes 30 seconds!

Glitch effect with GIF animation

I was thinking a lot about all Photoshop actions and GIF exports. General conclusion is that you need to know Photoshop to use it in the right way. So I decided to find the solution that will be supereasy and will give really fast and spectacular effects

Fabric Kingdom Photoshop Edition

The Fabric Kingdom is my new product founded on my passion to layer styles and techniques they can bring to your design process. I'm happy to ship you a complete toolbox packed with all you need to create adorable, eye-catching designs that will stand out, as easy as possible.

Fabric Kingdom Illustrator Edition

Adobe Illustrator is my favourite design app of all, so who would doubt that I will bring an Illustrator edition of my Fabric Kingdom someday! If you don't know, Fabric Kingdom is my huge graphic pack founded on my passion to layer styles and techniques they can enrich to your design process with.

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