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Western Typography Saloon


Working with Adobe Illustrator

Spending many hours watching western movies, looking for 19th century Wild West memorabilia and making really straight history research of that era, I am finally releasing this handy toolbox for Adobe Illustrator.


  • beautiful vintage typography posters or postcards ready to print (and sell it!)

  • your own old looking font with these effects (and sell it!)

  • “Dollar Bills” graphics with engraving styles

  • and many more!

With WESTERN TYPOGRAPHY SALOON you will get instant typography effects, editable within Appearance panel before tracing it finally.

You have control over many options, so it allows you create new effects in a short time. For that reason, I will give you 27 seamless texture patterns, so you can replace default ones and try to make your own!


  • 38 amazing typography / simple object effects

  • One super-easy-to-use action that be your “tracing option guide”

  • 27 seamless patterns in black, and white version as well - engraving, woodcut, rust etc.

  • 7 BONUS texture /Scatter/ brushes to add final details to your artwork

  • 8 BONUS vector textures - woodgrain, speckles, subtle grain etc.

  • Handy GUIDE with tips how to easy set up your files. It helps you with first steps.

  • Cheatsheet with all styles

With Western Typography Saloon, you will get a pretty handy toolbox.


*Doesn't contain any graphics

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  • Author: guerillacraft
  • Created: 2019-10-03
  • Changed: 2019-10-02
  • Size: 64.566 KB
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