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Ultimate Metal Graphic Styles for Illustrator


If you use Adobe Illustrator, than you should know that how hard it is to make the perfect metal effect. Sometimes you won't get the right colors, other times the edges won't look realistic enough or the text will look floating for the lack of perfect shadow. So, I've been experimenting on a complete set of metal effect that can give you the perfect metal effect with just a few clicks. And here it is with 50 different metal graphic styles and some useful bonus. Comes with gold, rosegold, copper, bronze, brass, steel, iron and some really cool styles.

This pack comes with the following features:

  • Realistic metal effect (colors are harnessed from real images)
  • Shiny edges (Adds extra )
  • Instant effect (Type some text and click on the graphic styles)?
  • Bonus gradients and patterns (some handy gradients and patterns)

What you'll get:

  • 50 Adobe Illustrator graphic styles
  • 50 Bonus gradients and patterns
  • PDF help file

Fonts used:

Minimum Adobe Illustrator version CS5 is required.

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  • Author: Minhaj
  • Created: 2019-10-05
  • Changed: 2019-10-02
  • Size: 2.896 KB
  • Views: 1,448
  • Downloads: 1
  • Price: 3 $ »» Free with active subscription