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Category: Music

Into the Light

A calming track with piano, strings, celesta and twinkling electronics. Based on a pattern of arpeggios, and with a serene melody floating over the top.For a sense of atmospheric intrigue.

Includes MP3 and WAV formats.

Western Showdown

“Western Showdown” is a western-styled, Tex-Mex, spaghetti western music composition that begins with an open, ominous western intro and transitions to a galloping beat and gives the feeling of a western duel or a Mexican standoff.

Glitchy Energy Ident

High Energy Rock Ident’ – it’s a strong, powerful high energy rock intro/logo ident that can be perfectly used in various type of production production. If can be great with advertisings, commercials, podcasts, or as radio or tv show intro or logo music.

Make It Last (with Vocals)

With it’s playful care-free melody and heart-felt lyrics, Make It Last reminds us what it’s like to have those fluttery love struck feelings.