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Web Page Wrapper v1.1

The Wrapper Module wraps another web page directly into the your store at a specific location as determined by the Module Layout.

It displays page appears as a 'page within a page'. If this is an external web site, all of that site's functions, menus for example, will be operable from within the Wrapper.

Example Usages:
1. Embed an video clip from YouTub.
2. Include a fully functioned Kunena forum to your store.

Other potential uses for a Wrapper are:
Displaying an internal web page,
Displaying non-OpenCart scripts or page within the OpenCart web site.
Displaying Content written in specialised web languages that OpenCart could not handle, eg. codefusion

1. Displays page appears as a 'page within a page'
2. Wraps another web page directly into your website, eg. youtube video or even a forum
3. Auto adjust wrapper height to fix your content
4. Ability to show/hide module title

Change log
1. Customizable module title
2. Multi-language module title supported

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  • Created: 2020-05-02
  • Changed: 2020-04-28
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