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Quick Stats - Visitor Counter Module



Displays an elegant and simple visitor counter on the front office. Holds unique ip, visitor stats, and online data.

What this module does for you

event_available Analyze your store activity
person_add Analyze website traffic
E-merchants can show the strength of their website, this way they can provide trust, and improve the functionality of their main page.

What your customers will like

Increases trust, improves knowledge


The module hooks on the footer by default upon installation.


* All values are saved as unique ip.
1. Displays online visitors
2. Displays number of visitors for yesterday
3. Displays number of visitors for today
4. Displays total number of visitors
5. Displays the ip number of the visitor.
Total visitors can be started from a predetermined value. The value can be entered from the configuration page.
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  • Author: Community developer
  • Created: 2020-05-14
  • Changed: 2020-05-14
  • Size: 12 KB
  • Views: 714
  • Downloads: 12
  • Price: 54.99 $ »» Free with active subscription