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Facebook Dynamic Ads + Pixel & Shops Module



Export your products to Facebook, show them in your Facebook Shops, tag them with Instagram Shopping, create Instagram and Facebook ads. Set dynamic remarketing ads with the Facebook Pixel and the Conversions API. Discover Dynamic Ads + Pixel.

What this module does for you

insert_chart Promote your products
person_add Bring shoppers back to the shop
The "Dynamic Ads + Pixel" module allows you to configure your data feed in an extremely simple and fast way by including only the products and information you want. The advanced exclusion rules system gives you the freedom to create an optimized feed by excluding certain products from your ads. The advanced assignment of custom labels to your products further increases the customization of your data feed and allows you to increase the segmentation possibilities of your catalog.
Product feeds generated and imported in the Facebook Business Manager will allow you:
  • to automatically populate and keep updated the Shop of your Facebook Page and Instagram business profile
  • to run product ads on Facebook and Instagram to highly targeted audiences
  • to tag your products in your Facebook and Instagram publications or stories
Thanks to countless personal information collected on its network, each more accurate than the others, Facebook has a powerful advertising targeting tool on which Google can not compete. On the Business Manager interface you have a multitude of options allowing you to create your advertising audiences according to age, sex, family situation, geographical location, interests, groups, liked pages and any other information that Facebook has about its users.
By installing a tracking tag (Facebook pixel) on your site pages, our module allows you to further enhance these audiences. Indeed, this pixel allows you to create audiences based on your visitor activity (purchases, products seen, carts,...).
It also allows you to enjoy the indisputable efficiency of dynamic retargeting. Thus, you can for example to launch ad campaigns that will automatically display to Facebook users, the products they previously viewed on your site, or relevant product recommandations. Business Manager tools will then allow you to analyse the efficiency of these ads (conversion tracking).
For an even more accurate analysis of the effectiveness of your ads and an even better tracking of the buying journey, activate the conversions API in addition to the Pixel to send the data directly from your store's server!
The power of Facebook also allows you to acquire new customers by attracting people whose interests are close to your current customers. Indeed, the personal information of the social network users, own by Facebook, is compared to the one of your existing customers. You can therefore display your products to these audiences, which are similar to your clientele.


  • Quick installation of Facebook pixel code
  • Very exhaustive pixel implementation:
- Tracking of each product, combination, category, brand or supplier page
- Ability to track or not your homepage activity
- Tracking of "new products", "promotions" and "best seller" pages
- Tracking of the click on the "Add to wishlist" button
- Tracking of the click on the "Add to cart" button
- Tracking of the click on the "Subscribe" button (if you have installed the Presta-Module "Advanced Subscription" module, available here:
- Tracking of complete customer account creation
- Tracking of every checkout process steps, from cart page loading to order confirmation by way of payment information validation
  • Configuration of the order amounts sent by the pixel after a purchase: with or without tax, with or without packaging and/or shipping cost
  • Ability to indicate html elements corresponding to clicks on "Add to cart", "Add to wishlist", "Order" and/or "Subscribe" button (if Presta-Module "Advanced Subscription" module is installed) if the default ones have been modified in the code by the theme for example.
  • Ability to include or not the language information in product ID, allowing to make or not a tracking by language
  • Ability to include or not the product combination information in product ID, allowing to make or not combination remarketing
Get even more information about your store's activity and the effectiveness of your ads by enabling the Conversions API. This feature allows you to send events directly from your store server instead of through web browser cookies. This way, you can retrieve events that could not be detected by the pixel and get, among other things, a better estimate of the number of conversions generated by your ads.
The implementation of the conversions API is automatically done by our module. Simply enter the API token available in your Business Manager and the module takes care of everything! It's that easy.
  • Choice of the product export method: by brand or by category
  • Ability to export by product or by product combination
  • Selection of the brand(s) or category(ies) to export
  • General product exclusion rules (out of stock products, without EAN/MPN code, with a price lower than a certain value,...)
  • Advanced exclusion rules (based on a feature, an attribute, a product, a specific combination, a supplier, a word or sequence of words)
  • Ability to export only the products cover image
  • Configuration of the description type and product availability to send
  • Management of attributes/features to include in the feed and tab dedicated to apparel products
  • Management of shipping fees
  • Advanced options:
- Intuitive keyword-based system to match your product categories to Facebook’s own product categorization
- Advanced custom labels management: dynamic assignation of category name, feature, price range, "new"/"best sale" labels
- Integration of Google Analytics parameters
All of these options result in a very high quality product feed and optimal results in your advertising campaigns.
  • Robust export system which works even with the largest catalogs (up to 200,000 products)
  • Choice of the export method: CRON task or "on-the-fly" file generation on your server in order to automatically update your data on Facebook
  • Generate as many feeds as different existing "Country/Language/Currency" groups on your shop to create fully qualified ads and adapted to the users. Each "Country/Language/Currency" feed is to be imported into a catalog dedicated to the corresponding "Country/Language/Currency" group, on the Business Manager (the catalog creation procedure is detailed in our documentation).
Thanks to exporting your product catalogs to Facebook's Business Manager, you can also run your product ads on Instagram and use Instagram Shopping features like:
  • Adding a Shop to your Instagram business profile
  • Tagging your products in your Instagram posts or stories
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