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HDR Studio Vol. 1 - 20 Lightroom Presets

20 Professional HDR Presets for Adobe Lightroom Volume 1

This set of professional presets for Adobe Lightroom offers all the most updated HDR techniques and the best algorithms in order to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques.

Why our HDR presets?

Adobe Lightroom guarantees the best quality ever for HDR process in raw or jpeg. Our 20 HDR professional presets allows you to obtain:

• High dynamic range
• Textures enhanced via “micro contrast”
• Super detailed images
• Very low halos
• Very low noise
• High color accuracy
• Great results with over and underexposed
• More stunning images

Inside the package

#20 .lrtemplate file
#1 User guide

Lightroom compatibility

Our Lightroom presets has been successfully tested with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6 & Creative Cloud

Sources compatibility

These presets were designed to be used with the following file types: RAW, JPG, PNG.

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  • Author: ShinyPixel
  • Created: 2019-09-11
  • Changed: 2019-09-25
  • Size: 465 KB
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