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160 Wild Strokes for Adobe Illustrator


I have recently made an ultimate set of really wild strokes for your vector graphics. In my college years, I was painting very often and studying the contemporary painting as well. One of my favourite painting styles is an expressionism. I love freehand strokes full of passion. So, my latest brushes are dedicated to this painting style.

My second inspiration were hand-painted signs. I use brush fonts very often in my work, so I made that brushes collection suitable for making brush fonts. With 160 different and very various types of strokes, you can make your own brush font digitally in Adobe Illustrator without losing hand-drawn look!!!

Well, these brushes are great for illustration as well as for making brush fonts!

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  • Author: guerillacraft
  • Created: 2019-11-02
  • Changed: 2020-12-06
  • Size: 1.986 KB
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