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Flexbox Explained

Flexbox Explained is a fun and enjoyable introduction to Flexbox.

Over the last fifteen years, we've worked as web designers. It's been a fascinating time.

For many years, the most popular way to design websites was with frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. We needed these frameworks because they added many features that we needed. The core features of CSS weren't enough for modern web development.

However, in recent years, the developers behind CSS worked to create "modules" including CSS Grid and Flexbox. These provide many of the features we need, but without requiring us to install anything.

You can use Flexbox simply by writing code in a file and opening your browser. That's what do throughout this book! You'll learn Flexbox by completing exercises that explain all the key properties of Flexbox.


Flexbox Explained Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to CSS Flexbox
  2. Creating Your First Flexbox Layout
  3. The justify-content Property
  4. The align-items Property
  5. The flex-grow Property
  6. The flex-shrink Property
  7. The flex-basis Property
  8. The order Property
  9. The flex-wrap Property
  10. The align-content Property
  11. The flex Shorthand Property
  12. Values for the Flex Shorthand Property
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