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Bryce 7 Pro Deep Space HDRI 2

This product is more than the Deep Space HDRI 2 title itself, it is a collaboration of many hours of research and labor between the authors, which we are duly proud of. With the Deep Space HDRI comes 35 sky presets which have been designed to modify the backdrop appearance using the new, advanced and powerful IBL features found in Bryce 7 Pro.

To further demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach, 10 example scenes are provided, along with props, terrains and some special effects, to provide a starting point (or should I say "launch pad" - ahem) for your own Deep Space projects.

The authors have also provided accompanying videos, both technical and practical and a PDF to assist in the use of this product. Having said that, I think it would be fair to suggest Bryce IBL novices learn a little bit about HDRI before considering this product.

Horo has thoughtfully provided the following videos on this very topic.

Bryce 7 Using Image Based Lighting IBL part 1 of 3

Bryce 7 Using Image Based Lighting IBL part 2 of 3

Bryce 7 Using Image Based Lighting IBL part 3 of 3


  • 6 HDRI variants of the Deep Space HDRI 2(.hdr)
    • DS-Sky03_0400 - tiny resolution
    • DS-Sky03_1280 - medium resolution
    • DS-Sky03_3840 - high resolution
    • DS-Sky04_0400 - tiny resolution
    • DS-Sky04_1280 - medium resolution
    • DS-Sky04_3840 - high resolution
  • 35 Sky Presets designed for use with the Deep Space HDRI 2(.bsk)
  • 10 example scenes (.br7)
  • 10 corresponding renders (.bmp) - for PC
  • 10 corresponding renders (.pict) - for MAC
  • 2 video guides.
  • related PDF documentation.
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  • Author: Daz3d
  • Created: 2020-12-13
  • Changed: 2020-12-12
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