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Advanced Top Menu - Responsive-menu Module


Create a very customized, modular and responsive top menu. Simple, drop-down, mega with columns, animated, configure the best top menu for your site. Display images, promotions or ads to showcase your offers or services. Discover Advanced Top Menu


Advanced Top Menu allows you to build all types of horizontal navigation bars: single bar, drop-down menus, rich menu, mega-menu with columns.
Advanced Top Menu is a PrestaShop Addon that will help you to simplify the navigation and usability of your website. Give to your visitors an overwiew of your catalog making them to quickly find the desired product.
Thanks to its highly modular design, you will be able to use your menu bar to display images, promotions or advertisements, and put forward your offers and services that make your store unique.
With a rich configuration interface, it makes you able to customize your menu bar without special technical knowledge:
  • Responsive
  • Unlimited number of tabs
  • Unlimited number of columns
  • Unlimited number of elements
  • Simple and complete graphical customization
  • Automatic menu generation from your catalog
  • All content types supported: categories, manufacturers, suppliers, CMS, custom links...
  • Conditional display depending on the status of your visitor
A faster and cleaner configuration interface
New default theme for optimal design out of the box
New appearance settings
New specific settings for mobile
A Sticky mode, which let your menu always visible regardless of scroller position
Allows you to restrict the display of some elements for desktop or mobile view
Allows you to add different images for each language
Opening animation effect on submenus
Delay on opening submenus
Contextual help tips in Back Office


Types of horizontal menu bar:
  • Simple
  • Drop-down
  • Rich menu (mega menu with columns)
  • Responsive menu for mobile
  • "Sticky" menu

It can contain many contents:
  • Categories (with automatic building feature)
  • CMS
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Custom links
  • Images
  • Rich Texts (Flash, Movies, Multimedia...)

In addition, each menu can be configured with precision:
  • Quick CSS edit (links colors, texts, borders...)
  • Advanced CSS edit (CSS editor built-in with syntax highlighting)
  • Permissions (guest or customer),
  • Status (active / inactive)

The most complete menu module for PrestaShop:
  • Cache management, for fast execution and menu display
  • Automatic creation of categories tree
  • Advanced CSS editor with syntax highlighting
  • Creating drop-down menus or columns or menus
  • Managing permissions
  • Translation management
  • Image management
  • Search engine with auto-completion

What's New in Version

  • New: CMS categories can now be added to your menu
  • New: Define the numbers of columns to create when including sub-categories, manufacturers and suppliers
  • New: New option to center/justify tabs within the menu bar
  • New: You can now disable sticky mode on mobile while having it enabled on desktop
  • New: You can now add icons from FontAwesome or Material Icons to your menu
  • New: Rebuilding the category tree will now properly delete all elements before starting
  • New: Automatic disabling of menu elements when their related entity is disabled (product, supplier, manufacturer, CMS page and categories)
  • New: Native RTL support
  • New: Introduce a new option which allows to obfuscates links contained within the submenus to enhance SEO
  • Enhanced: You can now define an opacity for your submenu background color
  • Enhanced: Images display between desktop and mobile screens sizes has been enhanced (PrestaShop 1.7)
  • Enhanced: A newly created tab will now be automatically displayed after its creation
  • Enhanced: You can now properly drag and drop items between item groups
  • Enhanced: You can now reorder columns using drag and drop instead of using a select
  • Enhanced: You can now put empty values in the padding/margin inputs instead of being forced to use 0
  • Enhanced: Reduced disk space used by our cache when the « Highlight current tab » option is enabled
  • Fixed: Fix an error when deleting a tab/item group/item that has no image for a specific lang
  • Fixed: Prevent error if a product displayed in the module if the product was disabled
  • Fixed: Set a translated name to an item group containing manufacturers or suppliers when including their children
  • Fixed: Tabs mobile background color will no longer be overridden by the desktop value when using a gradient
  • Trivial: Removed IE < 9 CSS rules to lighten the loaded files

Support and updates

At the time of purchase, your Business Care subscription for your first year is automatically included, then tacitly renewed at the end of the period.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, before the end of the current period.

Services included in your subscription:

  • Security updates
  • Compatibility updates
  • Developments and upcoming features
  • Unlimited support
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