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Raf Option = equal Price Module (vqmod)

Option=Price Module for OpenCart (VQMOD)

Change displaying Option Price from "+/-" to "=" ex:
Before: +$100
Now: $200

You got 3 version type to choose!

It gives the possibility to enter equal price in option section (not just -/+).
Its totally save! No database manipulation!
If you delete this mod or upgrade OpenCart, everything, all data will be fine.
When you update "main" price you must update Option Price too because equal price (=) are converted to +/- way.
Use this mod if you sporadically change prices of you product/options

Like version 1.xx but no longer 'disadvantages',
But remember to read Note/Uninstalling in documentation.

VERSION 3.xx [beta, unofficial - email mi if you want try this version]
Now you can use both "+/-" , "=" format as you like!
It means that some options can have ex:
Colors: $ +200, $ -100 ...
Sizes: $400, $500 ...

I give you also EXTRA simple mod to work WITH one of my main RafOption=Price mod:
raf-option-price-noshowzero.xml - if you want to not display zero values option or erase "(" & ")" - that's it!

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  • Created: 2020-04-25
  • Changed: 2020-04-25
  • Size: 174 KB
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  • Price: 20 $ »» Free with active subscription