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Category: OpenCart

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ZLayouts designed for creating your own layouts for modules. If you want to display the module on the certain page, this module is what you are looking for.

Language File Editor

What is Language File Editor? Language File Editor - with this extension you can easy edit languages.

Web Page Wrapper v1.1

It displays page appears as a 'page within a page'. If this is an external web site, all of that site's functions, menus for example, will be operable from within the Wrapper.

Hrvatski Prijevod - samo FrontEnd (Croatian)

Hrvatski prijevod za OpenCart Napomena: Prijevod je samo za FrontEnd, tj. ono sto korisnik vidi, nije ukljucen prijevod Admin dijela.

Checkout Manager = Shipping to Payment combos + Payments Fee

Description Checkout Manager is a very powerful module which allows to eliminate some very common and very annoying checkout "incompatibilities".

Subcategory Image Module

Overview Of TMD OpenCart Subcategory Image Module In Opencart Store, Subcategory image OpenCart module gives the option to add an image to a subcategory. And display subcategories with Image on the main category page with a beautiful look. It also provides an option on the category page adds another refine image for front side of category page for subcategory image.

One Click Catalog Mode - FREE Adjustment for Custom Themes

One Click Catalog Mode - The name says it all, you can make your OpenCart powered site to be in Catalog Mode with just One Click. It will remove all the necessary elements from OpenCart, so your site can work as a pure catalog. No Add to Cart buttons, no Accounts, no Cart, no Checkout, nothing at all.

Apply Voucher & Coupon at checkout page

Give your customer an option to voucher and coupon at checkout page. Your customer can apply coupon & voucher at checkout page to reduce the frustration of going at cart and apply their. With this module, customer can apply voucher & coupon at checkout page.

Faster Loading

If your shop loads too slow, it is due to the system retrieving the number of products in categories including lots of useless information. ..

Manufacturer Module for Opencart

This module shows Manufacturers list in module section like categories left navigation menu. Module is useful to show your Manufacturers/brands at the first glance on your site.

Raf Option = equal Price Module (vqmod)

Option=Price Module for OpenCart (VQMOD) Change displaying Option Price from "+/-" to "=" ex: Before: +$100 Now: $200 You got 3 version type to choose!

Selected information pages, links in top menu-Many combinations

This module adds an option in the Admin Panel to select additional information pages to be displayed in the top category menu as well as Contact or Specials links.

Custom Menu

Custom Menu provides the capability for store owner to add own custom links in the top menu

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart is a simple module to display the customer’s basket anywhere on your website. You can place it at left, right, top, or even bottom of the page’s layout. It also comes with animation when you add an item to cart.


Features: - vertical/horizontal type (use .zmenu-v or .zmenu-h css class) or you can set individual css class for each menu - multi-level menu items

Product Combo

With Product Combo extension, You can easily Sale your multiple products( bundle ) in one click. and helps your customers to save more. Your customer happy they save more on and store owner as well because of its sale more items.

Universal Import/Export Pro

This module will allows you to import or export easily lists (as products list, categories list, etc) from CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, JSON, TXT, TSV, or ODS files. It is very easy to use and the file size is unlimited :import very big data set, export unlimited number of products !

CustomPages - Create OpenCart custom pages

Create pages from the admin panel of your OpenCart and assign modules to them. With CustomPages, you can also use your own custom templates for custom layouts. Remarkably simple to make and personalize.

Croatian language pack - hrvatski prijevod v.1.5.x.x

Croatian language pack Full Croatian translation for OpenCart. It is not only translated a few words or phrases such as "Layout Override", etc. because for them there is no logical Croatian translation.

Blue Theme - Opencart 2.x Theme

Blue Theme is a responsive OpenCart theme with a simple, clean and professional look. It’s perfect for any kind of eCommerce shop & looks great on all devices - laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Account Activation by Email (Account Verification)

ACTIVATE ACCOUNT BY EMAIL. OCMOD and VQMOD ready Tired with approval account every time account be registered or customer register and be activated with bad email Let customer activate their account by themselves.

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